2x2x2__007February 14 - March 13, 2021

Lavender Hair at 2x2x2

Tatsuhiko Togashi, Yoko Pinkham, Yohei Watanabe
2x2x2 by imlabor, Tokyo, Japan
February 14 - March 13, 2021
※ Opening hours: 2pm - 7pm / Thur - Sat.
Press release__
We are pleased to announce a group show “Lavender Hair” curated by Lavender Opener Chair / Tomei, an artist-run gallery in Tokyo, starts from February 14, 2014.
About the Artist__
Tatsuhiko Togashi
Born in 1992 in Yamagata prefecture, Japan currently lives and works in Arakawa, Tokyo. After completing a MA at Sandberg Instituut in Holland, Togashi opened an artist-run gallery with a restaurant, "Lavender Opener Chair / Tomei," in Arakawa, Tokyo. Also, Togashi is in charge of cooking at Tomei.
Yoko Pinkham
Born in 1989, Chiba, Japan. She started working with wools which is now her main material when she found knitting for her fun. Recently she's been producing rugs using tufting techniques. Recent exhibitions include "Artist Running Festival" xyz collective, 2020.
Yohei Watanabe
Born in 1990 in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan and currently lives and works in Arakawa, Tokyo. Completed a MA at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Recent exhibitions include "Giant Chorus," HAGIWARA PROJECTS (2019, Tokyo), "4 boxes and pyramids," 4649 (2018, Tokyo), "Yohei Watanabe: exture of Cat, Clouds Reversed in Retina," KomagomeSOKO (2017, Tokyo), "THE EXPOSED #9 passing pictures" g/p Gallery Shinonome (2015, Tokyo), etc.
In conversation with: Lavender Opener Chair
  • Yoko Pinkham, "To forest", 2021, Wool, 173cm × 110cm
  • Tatsuhiko Togashi, "Paper on leather", 2021, leather, wood, carbon and ink, 49cm × 66.5cm
  • Yohei Watanabe, "Cars", 2021, C-type print, 39cm × 32.5cm, Framed: 73cm x 54.5cm
  • Yohei Watanabe, "Box", 2021, Acrylic on plywood, 60cm × 30cm x 11.8cm
  • Tatsuhiko Togashi, "BICLO", 2021, Inkjet print, and perfume, 115cm × 75cm
  • Yohei Watanabe, "BOOK#2", 2021, Ink on paper, 18cm × 14,5cm
  • Yohei Watanabe, "BOOK#3", 2021, Ink on paper, 30cm × 21,5cm
  • Tatsuhiko Togashi, "Rose is a rose", 2021, Printer, incence and paper, 21.7cm × 29.5cm
  • Yohei Watanabe, "BOOK#1", 2021, Ink on paper, 29.4cm × 19.2,5cm
  • Yoko Pinkham, "In forest", 2021, Wool, 88cm × 87cm