2x2x2__00326th July - 22nd August, 2020

Kazuki Matsushita: X’mas at 2x2x2

Kazuki Matsushita
2x2x2 by imlabor, Tokyo, Japan
26th July - 22th August, 2020
※ Opening hours: 2pm - 7pm / Thur - Sat.
About the Artist__
Interview with: Kazuki Matsushita
  • Satan Claus, 2020, oil on canvas, 652×530mm
  • Robber / Border, 2020, oil on glass, 210×297mm
  • Fountain do (foundation), 2020, pencil, oil on cover, oil on glass, 210×297mm
  • Ant is rich, 2020, oil on board, oil on glass, 210×297mm
  • Clincher disk (sick children), 2020, whiteout, pencil, print on paper, oil on glass, 210×297mm
  • The RATMIX"99, 2020, oil on canvas, 606×500mm