Artists : Harriet Florence Farmer, Erin Laura Hughes, India Nielsen, Toru Otani, Kaoru Okubo, Ichiro Mishima, Reina Sugihara, Felix Treadwell

Exhibition title : MUD, TOKYO And SWIMMING

Venue : Park Tower Hall Gallery1, Tokyo, Japan

Date : 24.09-30.09.2017

Photography : Ichiro Mishima, all imgs copyright and courtesy of the artists and im labor

Press release & Artists biography

Felix Treadwell, "Untitled", 2017, spray paint on canvas

Harriet Florence Farmer, 2017, "Underwater Wave", oil bar and dye on silk

Erin Huges, "Fire Place, and Sims Collage", 2017, mixed media

Toru Otani, "KSF(green)", 2017, color pencil on abrasive paper

Reina Sugihara, "study of the wall", 2017

Kaoru Okubo, 2017, acrylic and oil on canvas

India Nielsen, "Untitled", 2017, acrylic and oil on canvas

Ichiro Mishima, "Work, fabricate, built and show", 2017, prefabricated house parts

Reina Sugihara, "The Sanzu River", 2017, 2:10minutes