CURATION__00219th April - 20th April, 2018

Living Room

Colin Allen, Louis Appleby, Gala Bell, Cecilia Charlton, Laszlo Von Dohnanyi, Roy Efrat, Rae Hicks, Erin Hughes, James Jessiman, Sooheyon Kim, Sebastian Kozak, Tahmina Negmat, Milly Peck, Reina Sugihara, Yanwen Xiong, Taehoon Yang
Safehouse 1 & 2, London, UK
19th April - 20th April, 2018
Scarlett Platel, all imgs copyright and courtesy of the artists and im labor
Press release__
im labor is pleased to announce a group exhibition 'Living Room' - in collaboration with Cypher Collective. In this exhibition 16 London based artists will construct a domestic living environment through artworks that reference the urban living experience of today. The exhibition will take place across two houses side by side that are split into the themes of day and night.